Project Managed the provision of ERP systems for start up company


  • To procure and install server, network and terminals to operate business;
  • To evaluate and procure a suitable ERP application to run the business;
  • ¬†To test all system operations and develop operating manuals for both operational and systems management;
  • To organise training for all staff involved;
  • To oversee the go live activities and ensure that the application side of the operation started up smoothly.

 Project Details

The project was split into three stages, Definition, Procurement and Implementation.

As the project was for a start up company the requirements had to be defined and agreed with the principals of the business prior to the recruitment process being completed.

Hardware, network and application software were identified and procured.

The installation of the hardware and network was supervised. Training materials were prepared and then once the supervisors/ trainers had been recruited they were trained so that they could train the sales, despatch, stock controllers and accounting operatives once these staff started. The new supervisors created the initial product data ready for the sales to start.

The project was completed within tree months and within budget allowing the new business to start with user friendly systems that provided the support to deliver excellent customer service.


  • Live systems operating for the business;
  • Trained operators and support personnel to manage system:
  • Systems provided ability to deliver excellent customer service from day 1.