Create Store Performance Questionnaire Application



  • Develop a system to create, distribute and analyse responses for stores qualitative data;
  • Support Multi level organisation structure;
  • Provide detailed analysis of trends and performance.

 Project Details

A leading retail store required the collection and analysis of operational data from over 200 stores across 9 regions. After demonstrating a proof of concept that offered the company the opportunity to get better data, much quicker and at half the cost of the previous solution development of the application was commissioned.

The application was developed over three sprints that each delivered significant additional functionality. The first sprint ensured that the administrators could create multiple questionnaires that would be available to stores. The store managers could complete these instore using iPads. The responses are immediately available so that regional managers can review overall performance and have the ability to drill down to specific question responses where required.

The second sprint concentrated on delivering improvements based on feedback from the first sprint and the introduction of question ranking analysis in order to identify in which operational areas scope for improvement existed.

The third sprint introduced trend analysis so that managers could obtain information of the trend within a region, store or within questions or categories.


After three development sprints a robust application is being used that provides all the functionality required. In the future it is expected that additional sprints will be completed to extend the capabilities further. The anticipated cost savings over a spreadsheet data collection exercise have been achieved by the company.


  • Application developed successfully;
  • Operational responses available to regional and company managers in great detail.
  • Question response ranking and trend information readily available.