Develop Multi Tenant Small Business ERP


  • Create a multi-tenant SaaS application
  • Include functionality for:
    • Customer Relations Management;
    • Sales Order Processing;
    • Despatch;
    • Invoicing;
    • Products and Stock.



 Project Details

The project has been undertaken using Mendix Enterprise Application Platform. This has proven to be an excellent platform allowing rapid development and deployment of the application. The ability to create forms and functionality quickly has allowed the development of the complex system to be completed quickly with high quality.

Alongside the development work continuous market research was being conducted to test the market and potential for the proposed application. Despite the projections being positive early on in the development cycle it became apparent that the take up of the application might be more marginal than originally envisaged. As a consequence the project to launch the application as a SaaS product was terminated.

However the modules developed are available and can be incorporated into any new applications which would provide a solid base for any new new projects in this field that can quickly get a new application into the market for robust market testing.


The systems have been developed and tested but the project has been discontinued as the business case is considered to have become too risky following further market research.

The core applications are available and can be incorporated into any future systems.