Industrial Textiles Lean program


  • To introduce Lean continuous improvement process
  • Support first phase of improvement projects

 Project Details

Two projects were supported during this project. The first involved reducing the set up times for a range of textile plaiting machines through workshops with a team selected from the shop floor. Following analysis of the existing process, recommendations were developed and implemented by the team that reduced the set up time achieved on all machines by over 100%. The costs of the changes were negligible. As a result batch sizes were reduced without losing capacity resulting in better customer service being delivered.

The second area looked at involved the material movements within a cloth treatment process. The material movements were found to be excessive and a simple re-layout significantly reduced the material movements. As a result of the improvements a fork truck was no longer required to be used for material handling.

The teams that were involved in the projects were enthused that their input was acted upon and looked forward to doing addition projects after the completion of the introductory program.


  • Set up times reduced by over 100%
  • Customer lead times reduced through being able to run batches more frequently
  • Material handling significantly reduced through simple process layout changes