Introducing Lean to Automotive component supplier


  • To establish a program to empower process improvement teams
  • Support teams to identify process and quality improvements
  • Facilitate first phase improvement projects
  • Embed the lean improvement philosophy into the organisation.

 Project Details

The project was to set up multiple process improvement teams from within the existing resources. My role was to facilitate the process and train the team members so that they could become the facilitators for future improvement projects.

The first stage was to identify and select the teams in order to ensure that they were as effective as possible with a blend of personalities that would be supportive. These teams were then trained in a number of the process improvement techniques so as to be able to identify, evaluate and propose solutions for issues within their remit.

The final stage was to ensure that changes were implemented and became part of the new normal.


  • Teams established and trained
  • First cycle results delivered significant improvements
  • Teams went on to deliver further projects and process became embedded in normal procedures